You Matter

Age-related surges in wisdom, life experience, and emotional intelligence are well known. The wisdom you’ve accumulated is invaluable. When parents share their stories, it cultivates a sense of identity, creates shared understanding, and extends benefits both ways. But to be honest, because families are busy and dispersed, we don’t always communicate all this to those we care about. Familial helps you relay your stories and wisdom in a way that’s gratifying to you and your family.

Let's Talk

Adult children want your stories and perspectives recorded. But with busy lives, it’s hard to have those deeper conversations. Through a rich dialogue and collaboration, Familial walks you through a positive and rewarding experience. It’s a win-win.

We're with You

We’re with you every step of the way. Just the idea of starting something like this - let alone finishing it - can seem like a mammoth task. It’s our job to help you articulate and capture the key memories, stories, values, and meaning you want to share in a way that your children (and even grandchildren and great-grandchildren) will want to read. You author the letter with the collaborative support of the Familial team.


I just read my dad's letter in my quiet morning space and am in tears. He is as wise and eloquent as ever and I so much appreciate his depth of thought and insight...which doesn’t always have a voice these days in our quick and hectic times together. Thank you for giving him the space and time to make these thoughts into something I can hold in my hands.



It's Not Just Your Name

We bring the name on a family tree to life and add a personalized layer to lineage discovery. Familial goes beyond what exists in the marketplace. Together we unwrap how your identity, outlook, and values were shaped and bring your unique lens as a parent into words.

Invigorating Process

We give you a pause to think about what’s most important to you as a way of moving forward with a renewed sense of purpose. You’ll come away with clarity about how you want to spend your time and focus your energy.

Ripple Effect

Familial is a gift to you and your family with long-lasting benefits. Family connections are strengthened now and endure from generation to generation through this meaningful keepsake.


You asked things in a certain way to get to those kernels of what life is. I can read it in my letter. I didn’t expect this to be something that would come out of me. I could not have done that on my own.

- ED S.



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