What's Your Parent's Story?

What's Your Parent's Story - Familial

Kate’s father visits regularly from out of town. Aside from giving up his weekly tennis game, he’s still healthy and active. Kate’s been meaning to record some of his stories, like the one about him enlisting in the Navy against his parents’ wishes. She’d also like to know what he and his buddies have talked about for the past 30 years at weekly Tuesday breakfasts. But from the minute his plane lands, they’re swept up by birthday cake, lacrosse games and carpooling. So the questions go unanswered and the memories are unrecorded.

What’s your parent’s story? Read on for an easy way to start the conversation.

How about starting by asking your parent one question about his or her life? Here are some tips to get the ball rolling:

  • Tell your parent that you want to start capturing some key stories or anecdotes from her or his life. Trust us, parents want to be asked! But first, think about why it’s important for you to hear and record these stories.

  • Take time during the next visit or phone call to ask one or two questions. One might be, “Tell me about a tough decision you made in your life?” Or “How did you propose to mom?”

  • Conversations that happen in person or by phone or video-conference are the most effective. You’ll be connecting in a more meaningful and gratifying way.

So don’t wait until you have time to ask ALL the questions of a lifetime. Start small and, in reality, you’ll be starting big.

And please let us know how it goes!  

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Aviva Black