What Would You Want to Know?


Don’t you wish you could know more about your grandparents and great grandparents? When we asked people of varying ages what they’d want to know, they jumped at the chance with questions ranging from the basics of everyday life to the toughest decisions their relatives faced. Here’s a small sampling:

  • How did you and grandpa meet?

  • What makes you happy?

  • How did you become the family’s chef?

  • How did you feel sending your children off to America for a better life thinking you would never see them again?

Many of us are in the thick of parenting just as we’re seeing our parents age. So it’s only natural that the most common questions seek wisdom about everyday life and continuity.  

  • What did you learn about yourself through parenting?

  • What surprised you about getting older?

  • Is there a family tradition that you hope I continue with my family?

We seek connection with those that came before us. After all, they’re a part of us. Knowing how our great grandparents saw themselves and participated in the world gives us context and links the generations. If we’d like to bridge that connection with those that came before us, don’t you imagine that your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be just as curious to know all about you?

What will you tell them?

It can be hard getting started. Familial is here to help. We offer a comprehensive service for capturing your family’s stories and wisdom. If you’re interested in learning more, visit Familial and contact us info@familial.net or by phone at 415.310.2550.

Aviva Black