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Harry travels with his son and daughter to see the Cubs play in a different stadium every year. They’ve now been to 33 games and never missed a season. On Mother’s Day, Julie hikes with her parents and children, a ritual her grandmother started when Julie was six. Seth and his friends go out for Chinese food on Christmas Eve, something many of them had done growing up. 

Some traditions stretch across generations and others are just being started. Either way, clients describe the twists they’ve incorporated to make these traditions their own. Think of a favorite tradition in your family or among your close friends. What makes it appealing? What traditions have in common are the feelings they evoke – of connection and the warmth that comes with that.   

At Familial, our mission is to bring people together through the experience of writing and receiving a Familial package. It’s the gift of connection. We offer a comprehensive service for capturing your family’s stories and wisdom. If you’re interested in learning more about the experience or about gifting it to someone else, visit Familial and contact us at or by phone at 415.310.2550.

Aviva Black