A Gift That Matters for Someone Who Matters


Laura gave a Familial package to her father, Vince, for his 80th birthday and he was thrilled by what he created. Familial has been called "the greatest gift ever" by our clients. It’s an experience that makes for an extra special holiday, birthday or anniversary present and its impact ripples from parent to child to grandchild.

“Hearing you read it to me, I kept thinking, “Did I write that?”  I know those words came out of my head and my heart and it feels great to have done this and to have shared this.” - Lynn S.

This letter captures parents’ perspectives and love in their words as they describe their childhood, relationships and meaningful life events. This gives children a better sense of where their parents and grandparents came from which, in turn, gives insight into their own lives. Parents also tell their children how they see them and what they wish for them. This is a letter you will read over and over…one you’ll pass on to your children.

“My dad came over yesterday and gave me the letter. I just read it in my quiet morning space and am in tears. Thank you so much for this work. He is as wise and eloquent as ever and I so much appreciate his depth of thought and insight...which doesn’t always have a voice these days in our quick and hectic times together. Thank you for giving him the space and time to make these thoughts into something I can hold in my hands.” - Wendi S.

Familial offers a comprehensive service for capturing your family’s stories and wisdom. If you’re interested in learning more about this experience or gifting it to someone else, visit Familial and contact us at info@familial.net or by phone at 415.310.2550.

Aviva Black