We launched Familial because we believe in the power of sharing stories and perspectives about what people cherish most, with those closest to them. We want to preserve these treasures for future generations. What we’ve discovered is that the process itself - defining what’s most important to you - becomes a meaningful journey, one that invariably enhances family connections and appreciation for each other. We love what we do!

Aviva Black



As we were going through my father’s papers a few days after he died, my brother, sister and I found a sealed letter he’d written and left for us in the top drawer of his desk.  Being a rabbi, my father was wise and had a way with words. But more than that, he was warm and had a terrific sense of humor. The letter he wrote captured all this, with every word wrapped in love.  His heartfelt message helped me move through my initial grief and I continue to re-read his letter when I need encouragement or want to hear his voice. Such a gift!

This laid the groundwork for Familial.

What excites me most is offering people a meaningful experience, one that they wouldn’t typically get in everyday life. That thread of satisfaction continues with Familial. Years of teaching and facilitating group projects and workshops gave me the skills to provide people both the space and structure to effectively do their work in a way that’s engaging and enriching.  

I earned a B.A. in political science at the University of Vermont and a Masters of Education in history at Hunter College in NYC.  My professional and life highlights have been as a history teacher and Vice Principal at Brooklyn Friends School, a yoga instructor, mother, synagogue board member and yes, a rabbi’s kid.    

I live in Oakland, California with my husband, daughter and son and my mother who moved from the east coast to live near us.


Kelly Baldwin Glazer



I grew up in a close and loving extended family. Supported and guided by older adults from an early age, I understand how intergenerational relationships are integral to a life well-lived.

Although aging comes with challenges, we each have the capacity to grow throughout our life. The latter half of our lives offers incredible potential to evolve, find purpose, and take advantage of the opportunity to experience and deepen our relationships.

For more than two decades, I have worked in the field of aging. I have dedicated myself to the mental health and well-being of older adults and their families while working at Age Wave, the Institute on Aging in San Francisco and in my private practice specializing in Geropsychology. Facilitating communication between my clients and their families, I’ve seen firsthand the power of sharing life’s stories to enable and deepen family connections. These experiences inspired the creation of Familial.

Graduating from the University of California at Berkeley’s School of Social Welfare, I earned a Master’s of Social Work in Gerontology. I am a licensed clinician specializing in aging, and a graduate of the University of Michigan with degrees in Psychology and Communications.  

I live in Piedmont, California with my husband and two sons. Every day I am aware of the importance of linking those before me to those who follow.


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