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Familial is an innovative approach for capturing your story, values, key memories and inspirations as a gift of love for your family. It is a prized heirloom. Familial offers a skillfully guided experience and together we will craft an invaluable letter that will be a lasting link between generations. Find out more about the idea behind Familial and the Familial process.  

Each of us is a tapestry of stories with family at the center. Through our careful guidance, we think you’ll find that, at its heart, Familial strengthens the bonds of family.

And we'll be with you every step of the way,

Kelly & Aviva


The idea of doing this was scary. Can I capture it? I came out acknowledging that I have wisdom. Writing this letter is the best thing I did this year!

- C.R.


These are the most important questions of your life. It's a fantastic process and was a gift to myself and my kids. Everyone should do this!


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